Engage 4x4 -Launch Issue | Magazine
Engage 4x4 -Launch Issue | Magazine
Engage 4x4 -Launch Issue | Magazine
Engage 4x4 -Launch Issue | Magazine

Engage 4x4 -Launch Issue | Magazine

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Here's what you will find in the Sept-Oct 2021 issue of Engage 4x4

Legendary rally driver and off-roader Hari Singh takes us on a epic drive through the most remote corners of Arunachal

Our behind-the-scenes access kicks off at the Mahindra Design Studio where the head of design Kripa Ananthan gives us an all-access tour. We then sit down with the lead designers to document the story of how the new Thar came to life.The Thar goes dune-bashing at its namesake

In search of the snows in the Himalayas

Performance testing all the variants of the new Thar, petrol, diesel, hard top, soft top, and even the AX

An exclusive test of the Thar AX

Plenty of black & white imagery as we trace the evolution of the iconic 4x4 over the decades with in-depth stories penned by the most knowledgeable historians

Featuring the restorers at the forefront of keeping these classics road, and mud!, worthy

Great escapes, cross country expeditions, iconic drives across borders, you’ll find it all here. And we will tell you how to get lost. 

Crazy off-road builds featured! The launch issue features The Sloth

This is a bi-monthly magazine that celebrates heroes and icons. Off-road clubs are a special focus with stories on and by the community.

How the Thar is finding pride of place in garages filled with sports cars!

Experts have penned tutorials on off-road equipment, off-road driving, mods and upgrades so that you don’t experience what they have — getting stuck while showboating on dates!

Win cool Mahindra Thar merchandise and wear your passion on your sleeve! We've got a cool content giving out equally cool merchandise

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