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GP Series Contest - Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Usage

  • This offer to open for all visitors who are registered or non-registered users of this portal.
  • We, Company, Portal, 100KMPH, Us, mean and include the ecommerce website available to visit at https://100kmph.com or Hundred KMPH Apparels and Accessories Limited Liability Partnership, a Limited Liability Partnership incorporated under the provisions of the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 (as amended) and its affiliates, subsidiaries.
  • There are no minimum or maximum purchase criteria in order to be considered for the Moto GP 2023 India prize.
  • Participation in this scheme is strictly voluntary and is not a precondition for any special offers. Users visiting the portal have the authority to not to consent to be considered for the lucky draw.
  • This scheme and/or special offer is open from 15th August 2023 to 28th August 2023.
  • This eligible country of nationality and/or citizenship is restricted to Indians and/or nationals bearing Indian passports and based out of India as on current date. Current date includes the start and end dates of this scheme and the final date of the scheme event/date.
  • This offer is not an invitation to participate, or an invitation for any lottery, game of luck, gaming in any manner. No fees are required to be paid for participation into this scheme. Participants who would provide their consent to be considered under this scheme would be part of a randomized pool of such similar eligible participants and would be selected by a method of blind choice.
  • This scheme, scheme offer and lucky winner award is not open to any employees, staff, contractors, associates, vendors, sub-contractors of Company or its related entities. Any such participant is found to be participating in this scheme, scheme offer would be immediately dis-qualified and appropriate penalty might be imposed, at the discretion of the Company Management.
  • Participants (any user whether or not registered on the portal) cannot transfer, sell, offer for lien, offer for bid, the award in any manner. Any violation could lead to penalty and immediate disqualification from future such events.
  • Award of Prize is subject to rules and regulations of the authority organizing this event of MotoGP 2023 India AND winners are liable to strictly abide by such conditions as stipulated thereupon. Any penalty, whether or not monetary, if imposed upon the winner of the prize by the organizing entity of Moto GP India 2023 has to be complied with and remains sole responsibility of the winner of this prize/award. The Company shall not be liable and/or responsible for any claims in this regard.
  • The Company is not related and/or affiliated or enjoys any corporate relationship with the organizers of MotoGP 2023 India. As such the organizers of MotoGP 2023 India are not the responsible entity for this scheme and are only restricted with the conduct and organizing of the Moto GP 2023 India.
  • This scheme can be withdrawn, cancelled and/or rescinded at any point of time without any adequate notice ( whether or not published in advance). Management of 100KMPH is the sole decision making authority in this regard, No representations, petition, application or any prayer for reconsideration shall be entertained by the Company at any point of time. Any participant who is not in agreement with this condition may not consent to or participate in this scheme.
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