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Pune Motorcycle Festival - Terms & Conditions


The following are the basic terms and conditions that you are agreeing to be participating in the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 (“Event”). In these terms and conditions, " Visitor" means any individual who has purchased a ticket and entered the event venue in the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023. "The Organizers" means ‘The Motorbike Hub’.


Organizers hold the right to remove any visitor due to misbehavior of any kind, profanity used, or physical abuse regardless of their purchasing a ticket and are not eligible for a refund of any sort.


Where possible, all bikes will be photographed for use in future promotions of, but not limited to, the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023. All Visitors accept that the copyright of all or any images or information concerning them or their bikes arising from their participation are the property of the Organizers and that these may be shared with all or any other media. No Visitor will be entitled to any royalty/payment from the Organizers for such exploitation.


Participation/Entry in the Event will constitute acceptance of these and all or any other rules or regulations pertaining to participation in, and operation of, the Event and the facility. Participation in the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 does not imply any involvement in or endorsement of any bike.


All costs connected with motorcycles appearing at, and being removed from the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 are entirely the responsibility of the Visitor/Visitor. Each Visitor is responsible for their bike and owns the complete risk of that bike. The visitor is responsible for all claims arising from personal injury or damage arising in connection with entry to the event and anything permitted, omitted, or done thereon or therefrom during the period of the event of the registration and removal periods caused directly or indirectly by the visitor or any contractor, subcontractor, servant, agent, licensee or invitee of his or the act, omission or neglect of such person, or by the brought motorcycle, machinery or another article of the Visitor or any servant or agent of his. The Visitor will indemnify the Organizers in respect of each and every such claim, and all actions, proceedings, claims, and demands in respect of all such claims. The Organizers will take such precautions as they may consider advisable for the precaution of all motorcycles exhibited, but will not at any time be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, or safety of any exhibited motorcycle, empty cases, tools, or other property of the Visitor or any other person under any circumstances whatsoever. All Visitors will be expected to effect their own insurance against fire and loss and shall claim against such insurance wherever possible in priority to making any permitted claim against the Organizers. In the event of any person sustaining loss, injury, or damage by any machine, implement or article belonging to a visitor, the said visitor shall relieve the organizers of all claims, actions, or suits made or expenses incurred in connection therewith. The visitor agrees to free the organizers of all responsibility for loss or damage arising directly through any Act of God, War, Strikes, Lockouts, Trade Disputes, Fire, Flood, Drought, or from riots or similar commissions within or without the hall or premises, or any other causes beyond the organizers' control or owing to the inability to procure materials or articles except at enhanced prices due to any of the foregoing causes.

Purchase of the Official Entry Ticket indicates that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and that you unconditionally accept them.

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