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The Qatar Grand Prix was an absolute roller coaster ride, sprinkling sparkles and dust

The Qatar Grand Prix was an absolute roller coaster ride, sprinkling sparkles and dust

 Well, SF-23's fuel system failure forced Carlos Sainz to stay within the paddock garage. Moving on to an awful start for Lewis Hamilton, made him crash into turn one with his teammate George Russell who was sandwiched between Lewis and Max, left with no space to avoid the situation while. 


However, Max managed to escape the drama which gave him an awesome amount of gap in the initial start between him and the rest of the pack. Which gave him some good advantages during the pitstop which had a mandatory rule for every driver to change their tires every 17 lap. Most of the drivers were facing a difficult time driving at Losail, most of them even had a hard time staying on the white line which indeed availed them a 5 second penalty. Checco and Gasly were the most penalty receivers of the Grand Prix. Meanwhile after a lot of tire changes and lots of paddock action considering the new rule, Max Verstappen managed to pull his 14th win of this season dominating his rivals who just managed to pull a couple of wins from him so far. Talking about rivals, Mclaren’s got a new star in its bag “Oscar Piastri”. 

Oscar Piastri has shown a tremendous drive this weekend, winning the Sprint Race with sheer performance. He has also outqualified his teammate ‘Lando Norris’ on various occasions, even though he did manage to secure P2 in the main race, making his all-time best carrier finish, that too in his rookie year. Well Red bull have bagged in both the titles for the 2023rd season. Hopefully the remaining few races of the year should be as competitive as the Qatar Grand Prix.  

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