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Lewis Hamilton’s clumsiness in combat is a growing concern

Lewis Hamilton’s clumsiness in combat is a growing concern

It was around this time last year that the frustrations of Lewis Hamilton’s first winless season started to float to the surface.

Slightly more comfortable in this year’s car, particularly since the W14 budded sidepods in Monaco, Hamilton has generally been closer to his usual reliable self in establishing a decisive pace advantage over team-mate George Russell. Yet his clash with Oscar Piastri’s McLaren under braking at Monza’s second chicane was another worrying incident to add to the list, marked by the same lack of spatial awareness that triggered his incident with Alonso at Spa – the kind of mistake Hamilton at his 2017-2020 prime would surely not have made. All the right things upon the signing of his new contract said Hamilton last Thursday, talking of taking Mercedes “back where we belong” and refusing to stop “until we do.”
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