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Citroen E-C3 launched, prices start at Rs 11.5 lakh

Citroen E-C3 launched, prices start at Rs 11.5 lakh

The electric E-C3 looks no different compared to the ICE-powered C3, except for a few electric badges and a charging lid on the front fender. The E-C3 continues to get funky colour schemes like the petrol-powered version and 15-inch steel wheels. With the attractive design, you won’t mistake the E-C3 for anything else on the road, except for maybe, a petrol C3. 

Power figures- Powering the E-C3 is an electric motor that makes the equivalent of 56bhp of power and 143Nm of torque.

0-60kmph  - As claimed by the manufacturer is 6.8 seconds

Range- The claimed range offered by the 29.2kWh battery pack is 320km .

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